Schumacher and Latifi cause crash in Abu Dhabi GP

20-11-2022 14:52

Mick Schumacher and Nicholas Latifi drove into each other hard at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Both drivers ended up on the side of the track as a result, but managed to continue on their way. Latifi, however, had to go inside to repair the damage to his car.

The Haas driver suddenly saw space in the inside corner on lap 39 and decided to dive in there, trying to get past Latifi. However, it did not end well for Schumacher. After Latifi sent his car inside, he hit his competitor's right front tyre with his left rear tyre.

It resulted in a pirouette for both drivers, after which Latifi drove hard into the wall. Schumacher managed to avoid this and was able to continue his way without damage, while Latifi had to bring his car inside to fix the problems on his car.

Final race for both drivers

Latifi and Schumacher, who cannot be seen in Formula 1 next season, will not manage to finish in the points in Abu Dhabi.