Verstappen on first F1 meters: "Now it all feels so easy"

06-10-2022 12:47 Last update: 06-10-2022 13:02

Max Verstappen has it in his own hands this weekend to become F1 champion for the second time. If the Red Bull Racing driver wins the Japan GP with the fastest lap he will have the title in the bag. Ahead of the weekend at Suzuka, Verstappen looks back on his first F1 meters.

Verstappen looks back on F1 debut

He also happened to make those first F1 metres in Japan. In 2014, he was allowed to drive a free practice by Red Bull. At his F1 debut the following year, the young talent had only one year of experience in single-seater racing. During the FIA press conference of the Japanese Grand Prix, Verstappen looks back at those first meters in F1 eight years ago which you can see in the video above. Verstappen: "I can remember being literally on fire at the end of the session, so that was good! Yes, it was nice. Your first time in an F1 car at Suzuka is probably not very normal, but Red Bull wanted me to do it. I can still remember the first time I drove out. I couldn't believe how much power I had. That was quite a shock."

Verstappen was asked what he has learned in the years since and which lessons have made the biggest difference. Verstappen: "Experience helps the most, the good moments and bad moments you've had in F1. I think that makes you a better driver [...] Now it all feels so easy. Of course, when you start in F1 it's all new and at the time I only had one year of experience in the single-seaters. When I compare myself as a driver I see a big difference."

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