Red Bull now shares official footage of 'secret' filming day

23-02-2022 10:16 Last update: 23-02-2022 10:49

Red Bull Racing didn't let anyone know, but did appear for a secret shakedown at Silverstone before the Barcelona test. Now that the car is already visible at the Circuit de Catalunya, the Austrian team is now also showing the images from that filming day.

Movie Day from Red Bull

Red Bull Racing has been acting mysteriously about the new RB18 all winter. For example, the car with which Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will have to compete in 2022 was already not shown during the car presentation. At that time it was a show model 2022 car and the presentation was more for the fans and sponsors.

In secret, Red Bull did go on the track with the real RB18. On (vague) photos it became clear that Red Bull had held a film day at Silverstone with Verstappen behind the wheel. Nobody knew about this, so few images of it came out. Now that the car is visible in Barcelona, the team also shows the images of that day at Silverstone.

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