Verstappen pulls out 'champion's helmet' for 2022!

27-01-2022 12:16

The Formula 1 season is about to start. Max Verstappen will appear at the start as defending world champion. The Dutchman shows off his new helmet, all in the style of a champion.

Verstappen shrouded in gold

Verstappen decided immediately after winning his title in Abu Dhabi to make no secret of the fact that he is the new F1 champion. The Red Bull Racing driver will in fact drive with start number 1 this year. That is only reserved for the champion of the previous year. In addition, we also saw Verstappen appear in gold shoes during the post-season tests in Abu Dhabi.

In the video above, Verstappen shows what his new helmet for this season will look like. The Limburger takes out his helmet from the bag and has not seen it himself. What immediately stands out are the highly visible gold accents. The lion, 'Gives You Wings' and the number 1 are in gold. Verstappen: "I decided not to change much to the design, but of course the colors are now different here and there." Other than that, it's in the small details, as indicated in the text of the tweet. Indeed, the small star above his personal logo on the back of the helmet also represents his 2021 title.

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