Here's how you can be part of Red Bull's launch of the RB18 car for 2022

14-01-2022 18:37 Last update: 14-01-2022 20:05

Red Bull Racing gave a sneak peek on Friday at the launch of the new RB18 car for the 2022 Formula One season. There was not much more to see than the outlines of the new RB18, but it seems that more information about the launch date will follow soon. Drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are already inviting all fans to attend the presentation.

"We call on all Red Bull Racing fans to be part of our 2022 launch for the RB18," said the world champion. Teammate Perez calls on all fans to go to the website or social media channels to find out how they can attend the launch.

Attend launch Red Bull RB18 for 2022

On the official website Red Bull Racing's website states that by using innovative technology, fans around the world will be able to attend the launch of the new car. Viewers can choose which driver they would like to have lead the presentation, which team leaders they would like to hear from and in what language they would like to hear the launch.

There is also a contest offering fans the chance to be an active part of the show with their social media channel. In what capacity that participation will take place remains a secret for now.

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