Brake test by Verstappen for Hamilton? Watch the onboards with telemetry

07-12-2021 14:48 Last update: 07-12-2021 14:51

Max Verstappen received a ten-second time penalty after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix for his illegal braking which resulted in Lewis Hamilton driving into the back of The Dutchman's Red Bull. According to Hamilton, Verstappen performed a brake test on the Mercedes driver.

Brake test or no brake test?

It goes wrong in the 37th lap. Since the second restart of the race Verstappen and Hamilton have been involved in a fierce battle for the lead of the race with both drivers going wide several times. Also in the 37th lap. Verstappen maintains the lead after an overtaking attempt by Hamilton, but has to give that position back, as Verstappen is told by Red Bul over the board radio.

A video shows step by step what happens next. It is Verstappen who takes his foot off the gas to let Hamilton pass. Hamilton takes his foot off the gas and stays behind Verstappen. Then Verstappen brakes for the first time, but so does Hamilton. When Verstappen accelerates again, Hamilton releases the brakes and slams into Verstappen. Watch the video for the full analysis and leave your opinion in the comments.

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