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Herbert has a message for bickering Wolff and Horner: Grow up

Herbert has a message for bickering Wolff and Horner: "Grow up"

28-11-2021 10:55 Last update: 12:47

Tensions are running high for both Red Bull Racing and Mercedes, who are in the midst of an intense title race. Between races, however, it's not Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton who are the centre of attention, but their team bosses Christian Horner and Toto Wolff. Former Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert does not have a good word to say about the behavior of the men.

According to Herbert, the incessant bickering between Wolff and Horner threatens to put additional pressure on the drivers. "In many ways you want to tell them to grow up. It's like a couple of eight-year-olds arguing in the schoolyard," the Brit told the Sunday Mirror.

Herbert has a message for Horner and Wolff

He continued: "One points to the other and says, 'Look what he's doing'. From the outside it looks like the harmony in the team is being disrupted, but the technicians aren't listening to that noise. They'll be working their socks off to find that crucial edge for their drivers."

Wolff and Horner have been embroiled in a battle of their own all season, with both trying to outdo each other on the political side of the sport. Meanwhile, their drivers are fighting a fierce battle on the track, which in all likelihood won't be decided until the final race of the season.

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