Button praises former teammate: "He's not just fast, he's also very clever"

28-11-2021 08:48 | Updated: 28-11-2021 12:37
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Button praises former teammate: He's not just fast, he's also very clever

Jenson Button has fond memories of Fernando Alonso. The two are old friends due to the time they spent as teammates at McLaren, something that Button looks back on with great pleasure.

The Brit is glad his former teammate was on the podium in Qatar and looks back on his time with Alonso at McLaren, where the two were teammates from 2015 to 2017. "You always have a driver by your side who you can measure yourself against You know you're comparing yourself to the best," Button told Sky Sports of his former teammate.

Button looks back with pleasure on time with Alonso

"He's not only a fast driver, he's also very clever. He always finds a solution to get around a problem and I enjoyed having him as a teammate," he added.

For Alonso, his third place in Qatar came as a huge relief. It was the first podium finish in seven years for the Spaniard, who has 32 wins and two world titles to his name.

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