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Criticism of Mercedes and Red Bull unjustified: 'This is a crap job'

Criticism of Mercedes and Red Bull unjustified: 'This is a crap job'

25-11-2021 18:22


Mercedes and Red Bull Racing have been critical of the race management this season, but according to Marc Surer, Michael Masi is doing an excellent job. The Formula 1 expert believes Masi deserves a lot of credit for the way he runs Formula 1.

Following the sudden death of Charlie Whiting, Masi suddenly was given the task of taking over as race director. That was not an easy task, Surer told Formel1.de. "He was always in the background. When Charlie Whiting passed away unexpectedly, he had to fill in. And I think he actually did a very good job. Of course you can always say that individual decisions should have been made differently or could have been made better. But basically I say: this is a crap job, sorry!"

Masi shows his guts again this season

According to Surer, Masi is giving the Formula 1 drivers more space compared to his predecessor, which is giving the spectators more spectacular races. Although he doesn't want to take anything away from Whiting's qualities, he compliments Masi on his guts.

"Charlie usually ran a safety car until the track was dry. One lap after the start they had to change tyres because it was so dry. He always played it safe. And Masi has the courage to let them go, even though the track is not perfect yet. I think that's strong."

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