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Mazepin sr wants to expand influence and presence in Formula 1

Mazepin sr wants to expand influence and presence in Formula 1

25-11-2021 15:31 Last update: 15:57


The Formula 1 calendar will consist of 23 races next year and as a result, the seasons are getting tougher for the teams and staff. The father of Nikita Mazepin, Dmitry Mazepin, has found a solution for that.

Haas is not having an easy time this year. They haven't scored any points yet and therefore they are last in the constructors' championship. To keep the staff motivated, Mazepin senior wants to introduce a reward system. The new system will be added on top of the already existing contract between Haas and Uralkali, the main sponsor of Haas of which Mazepin senior is the owner.

"The human factor is very important here, and that's why we want to increase staff motivation together with the team. We as sponsors want to be part of the team," the Russian said at Autosport.

Still interested in buying a team

At the moment, Mazepin senior is mainly focused on Formula 1, yet Nikita Mazepin's father is already looking beyond that. In 2018 he already tried to buy Force India, but after this failed attempt he still has the ambition to buy a team. Mazepin senior is not yet looking at a specific team, but will certainly enter negotiations with successful teams.

"It is still a possibility for us. It is not related to Nikita but is determined by our long-term plans. On the contrary, we want to expand our presence in F1. We have the Hitech team which competes in Formula 4, Formula 3, Formula 2, and the real crown for this journey would be to own a Formula 1 team and to have the full racing deck."

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