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Is this why Hamilton and Verstappen are so far above the rest?

Is this why Hamilton and Verstappen are so far above the rest?

25-11-2021 09:34

According to Damon Hill it is not surprising that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are so far above the rest. According to the 1996 world champion, the two title rivals take each other to the next level.

If you ask Hamilton and Verstappen if they are trying harder than usual this year, you will probably hear that they always work as hard as they can. In the F1 Nation Podcast Hill explains that this is not the case. According to the Brit you get more out of yourself as a driver when you are fighting for the prizes.

Fight for the title

''I wasn't seen as the greatest talent in Formula 1, but then I had some races with Michael Schumacher and I could hold my own. The only explanation I have for that is Michael made me get a bit more out of myself. I had to in order to win. I got more out of myself when it really mattered''.

There is a big difference between driving for the win and fighting for P10. Every driver will deny this and say that they always give everything, but when you know that everyone is looking at you because you are fighting for the victory, it gives a little extra. On the eleventh place there is a bit of a let down, because nobody really cares about that'', concludes Hill.

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