Alonso wants to stay in F1 after 2022 even if Alpine is not competitive

24-11-2021 14:36 | Updated: 24-11-2021 15:06
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Alonso wants to stay in F1 after 2022 even if Alpine is not competitive

Fernando Alonso has indicated on the podcast Beyond the Grid indicated that he wants to stay active in Formula 1 after 2022. At the start of the F1 season in 2023, the Spaniard will be 41 years old, but according to him, that doesn't bother him.

Is Alpine worthy of world title?

Alonso has made it no secret that he is on the hunt for his third-world title. The Spaniard won world titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006 but has since failed to win a third with McLaren and Ferrari. With Alpine, the Spaniard hopes to be back up front in F1 from 2022.

''I’m really looking forward to the third championship and I will do what is in my hands and even more in the next coming years. It will mean a lot in terms of maybe a legacy after my career finishes in Formula 1. It’s not [that] I’m desperate to get it and that will change, you know, my whole career, or it will change my way of seeing the sport. I’m a competitive person as we touched before, you know? In everything I do,'' Alonso said on F1's official channel podcast.

Alonso stays in F1

''It doesn’t matter if you are 19 or if you are 42 or 43, it’s a way of living and full dedication to the sport. That probably is the biggest thing if I win the third championship – that kind of legacy and message for future generations.''

Alonso often clashed internally in the past when the car was not performing as it should. Now, however, Alonso states that even with a car that is not competitive, he wants to remain active in F1 after 2022. ''Oh yes I will be, and even if the car is not so good. Yes, my plan is to stay at least two or three years more'', concludes the two-time world champion.

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