'Feud between Wolff and Stroll after switch from Mercedes top specialist'

'Feud between Wolff and Stroll after switch from Mercedes top specialist'

24-11-2021 12:20 Last update: 13:20

Eric Blandin, Chief Aerodynamicist, is reportedly making the move from Mercedes to Aston Martin. Mercedes' top specialist is said to be leaving the reigning world champion after serving for more than a decade. This is what has learned from a reliable source in the paddock.

Wolff and Stroll fight?

Baldwin is said to have announced his departure from his current employer in the summer. This would have led to a feud between Toto Wolff (Mercedes team principal) and Lawrence Stroll (owner of Aston Martin). The two men have been good friends for years, but Wolff is said to have disapproved of Stroll Sr. doing business with Blandin. For Mercedes, the departure of Blandin is a great loss. Blandin is supposed to start at Aston Martin at the end of 2022 and is leaving Mercedes with immediate effect.

Blandin a big player

Blandin has been active in Formula 1 as an aerodynamics specialist for a very long time. He began his career in 2002 at Jaguar and then spent almost five years at Red Bull Racing, starting in 2005. In January 2010 he started working for Ferrari, after which Mercedes managed to lure him into a switch just a year and a half later.

Blandin has been working there for ten years now, but after next season the Briton will be leaving. At Aston Martin, he will be one of the big men who will have to ensure that in terms of aerodynamics the connection with Mercedes and Red Bull is found.

Both Mercedes and Aston Martin have been offered the opportunity by to react to Blandin's upcoming move. However, neither team has responded to this offer.

Update: Aston Martin has since responded and confirmed that Blandin will be working for the team in 2022

Aston Martin speaks out

Blandin is not Aston Martin's first major acquisition. Earlier this season it was announced that two respected Red Bull Racing forces will join the British team. Aerodynamics expert Andrew Alessi and Dan Fallows, head of the aerodynamics department, were recruited by Aston Martin. The team with its factory in Silverstone is working hard to make big steps in aerodynamics.