Red Bull moaning too much? 'Maybe now they want Mercedes to beat them'

24-11-2021 09:16 | Updated: 24-11-2021 10:03
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Red Bull moaning too much? 'Maybe now they want Mercedes to beat them'

Over the past few weeks, Red Bull Racing has been busy with Mercedes' rear wing. They suspect the German team of driving with an illegal flexi wing. Former McLaren engineer Marc Priestley thinks it could still have negative consequences for Red Bull.

In his live video on YouTube Priestley analyzes the situation at Red Bull. "They’re riled, they are upset by that, but they didn’t deal with it with the decorum that you might sort of assume that Mercedes would deal with these kinds of things. I don’t want to assume too much, because until Mercedes face the same kind of things, maybe we would see a different side of Toto and co, but I don’t think Red Bull came out looking good."

"When you’re in this massive championship fight, I honestly believe that public opinion can play a part in this. It can help you or hinder you. The public opinion can impact in both a positive or a negative way how you approach these last two races", he continues.

Role in this title fight

According to the F1 expert, people want to see Red Bull win because they want a new winner in Formula 1. Still, Priestley thinks that people might start cheering for Mercedes in the final races after all, as they get fed up with Red Bull's whining about the rear wing.

"They would love to see a different winner and yet what happened this weekend and in a couple of weekends gone by, it feels like they’ve got the potential to swing people back the other way where they want Mercedes to beat the likes of Red Bull because they might be whinging too much. I’m saying there is a danger that that kind of dynamic could happen and the effect it could have on the people within that team or both teams could play a part in this."

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