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Marko analyses: Every time Max attacked, Lewis countered

Marko analyses: "Every time Max attacked, Lewis countered"

24-11-2021 08:26 Last update: 10:03


Max Verstappen was hoping for a win at the Qatar Grand Prix but was unable to prevent Lewis Hamilton from being the weekend's winner. Helmut Marko, therefore, expects a thrilling final phase of the season.

Verstappen had to start the race from seventh place due to ignoring a double yellow flag in qualifying. That did not stop the Dutchman from driving to second place. However, it then proved too much of a challenge to get past Hamilton as well.

"We were doing optimal damage control," Marko explains in conversation with Sky Deutschland. "We played it safe in the race. Every time Max attacked, Lewis countered. Max had to put more strain on the tyres during his pursuit and also had a bit of damage to the wing. It was nothing serious."

Perez fails to reach podium in Qatar

Sergio Perez failed to get on the podium in Qatar. He came no further than fourth place. "Perez would probably have overtaken Alonso without the Virtual Safety Car, so our speed in the race was good. We didn't finish at the front here, so we have to win in Saudi Arabia. Then it will all come down to the decision in the final race."

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