Binotto explains: 'It was due to a misunderstanding'

24-11-2021 08:12 | Updated: 24-11-2021 10:03
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Binotto explains: 'It was due to a misunderstanding'

Ferrari did not put in their best performance of the season during the Qatar Grand Prix. The Italian team finished with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc in seventh and eighth place respectively. Despite this Mattia Binotto was satisfied with the drivers.

Ferrari's team boss sent Sainz and Leclerc out onto the track with a clear message. "We sent Carlos and Charles onto the track asking them to drive at a moderate pace to get through with only one stop," he told "They unconditionally adhered to that plan. It wasn't until about ten laps before the end when it was clear to us that we would make it to the finish with the tire wear, that they got the green light for more speed. I think our approach was right."

During the race, Sainz and Leclerc strangely came in for a pit stop after each other. "It was due to a misunderstanding. Ideally, Carlos could have stayed ahead of Stroll and maybe had a chance to attack the fifth-placed Ocon at the end of the race. Our guys changed the tyres on both cars in quick succession and without error, which is not a given."

McLaren and Ferrari in constructors' championship

Ferrari did manage to stay ahead of McLaren in Qatar, ensuring a bigger lead in the constructors' championship. The difference between the two teams is 39.5 points two races before the end of the season.

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