Action Verstappen in Brazil punishable in other situation? 'Quite possibly'

23-11-2021 20:30 | Updated: 23-11-2021 23:10
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Action Verstappen in Brazil punishable in other situation? 'Quite possibly'

There was a lot of criticism towards the FIA after the incident in Brazil between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes appealed, but the FIA eventually found it unnecessary to start an investigation into Verstappen. The Dutchman got away without a penalty. Race director Michael Masi does not agree with all the comments.

The opinions are divided among the drivers. Some drivers think that it is part of racing, but amongst others, Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz think that the rules are unclear. Nobody is sure if the action of Verstappen is allowed. Masi is of the opinion that there is no ambiguity.

"I think it’s been made clear to them what is expected. I think the other part is some of them agree, some of them disagree. And that’s always with each and every one of them they have agreed and disagreed all the way through. We’ve given them some overall guidance, but also been very clear on the fact that each and every case will be judged on its merits", he tells The Race.

Every incident is different

Masi points out that Verstappen's action would have been punishable if the corner had a different type of run-off. "Quite possible, yes." In any case, the stewards' approach has not changed. "It’s not more relaxed, it’s looking at each and every incident on its merits, as we have done with each and every one. There is a panel of independent stewards, contrary to what many people think I’m not the one sitting there as judge and jury. We have a panel of independent stewards who look at every incident. Last time I saw there’s no regulator in the world that’s going to be popular."

"Each and every incident is different, it’s got its slight nuances. Everyone tries to sort of blanket incidents and say, that’s all the same, and that’s all the same, but they’re not. The analysis that goes into each and every incident is exactly that, having a look at all the circumstances on the day," says the race director.

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