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Red Bull has to give it their all: 'Hamilton was in a class of his own'

Red Bull has to give it their all: 'Hamilton was in a class of his own'

23-11-2021 19:26 Last update: 19:41


Mathias Lauda, son of Niki Lauda, is impressed by the current form of Lewis Hamilton. At ServusTV he explains why and gives his opinion about the fight between the Red Bull and Mercedes team bosses. Lauda thinks they are childish.

According to Lauda, Hamilton seems more motivated than ever. "We saw that in the race in Brazil. The way Lewis overtook so extremely in the first few laps is something I've never seen from him. He was literally driving in his own world. He was in his own class in qualifying as well. Now Red Bull Racing will have to give everything."

Red Bull have been having problems with the rear wing for a while now, but they are also pointing to Mercedes. The team suspects them of driving with an illegal wing. "At this point in the season, people have mastered aerodynamics. Red Bull Racing just had a few problems on Friday in Qatar. Both teams are now getting everything out of the car and trying to improve it further, but I'm sure it will be fair," Lauda continues.

Team bosses are childish

The son of Niki Lauda stresses that Verstappen will become world champion if both drivers have the same number of points in the final and then drop out because he has more wins. "This has happened before in Formula 1, in an equally fierce duel, namely with Prost against Senna," he says.

"I think the drivers behave more maturely than the team bosses. With Max and Lewis, there were never any serious problems all season, even after the incident at Silverstone. Actually, the team bosses are childish," he ends.

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