AMuS: 'Honda can provide more engine power in last two races'

23-11-2021 18:18 | Updated: 23-11-2021 18:35
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AMuS: 'Honda can provide more engine power in last two races'

Red Bull seems to be in trouble with the rear wing. The mechanics are regularly working on Verstappen's wing, which suffers from vibrations at high speed. During the Qatar Grand Prix, it was again a problem.

In his new video for Auto, Motor und Sport Michael Schmidt discusses the latest news from the F1 paddock. According to the engineers, the big differences between Red Bull and Mercedes probably have to do with the setup of the car. According to Schmidt Red Bull needs to look more to themselves instead of Mercedes when it comes to the rear wing.

In Qatar, Red Bull had to change to a Monaco rear wing at the last minute before qualifying due to DRS issues. The Monaco wing had therefore not been tested, which logically meant the balance was not right. According to Schmidt, Red Bull was forced to switch because Mercedes may have wanted to protest against their rear wing after qualifying. For some reason, the team can't solve the problem.

'More power from Honda in final races'

Mercedes know that a problem with the DRS brings benefits, as we saw in Brazil with Lewis Hamilton. He was disqualified because his broken rear wing gave him extra speed. Mercedes wanted to take the precaution of ensuring that Red Bull's rear wing was not against the rules.

According to Schmidt, Red Bull will have to give everything to be competitive in Abu Dhabi and have a car that can fight with the Mercedes on the track. Testing a new rear wing at this point in the season no longer makes sense as Red Bull are afraid it will fail the test. Finally, Schmidt says that Honda might be able to provide more engine power for the final races, but Toto Wolff seems to be of the opinion that Red Bull has already used more power in Qatar.

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