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Hakkinen: 'It's a fight between Hamilton, Wolff, Verstappen and Horner'

Hakkinen: 'It's a fight between Hamilton, Wolff, Verstappen and Horner'

23-11-2021 12:41 Last update: 15:03


Two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen sees a true sporting war unfold in front of him. The title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is also being fought between Christian Horner, Toto Wolff and the 2000 people who work for the teams.

Verstappen did what Hamilton did

Hakkinen is impressed with Verstappen's start in Qatar. After receiving a grid penalty in qualifying, the Dutchman did the same as his rival Hamilton did the week before in Brazil.

Like Hamilton, Verstappen overturned his penalty in just a few laps. The rivals were once again on another level, leaving the rest of the field far behind. On Unibet.com Hakkinen writes:

"Max pushed hard, but Lewis was already 4 seconds ahead when the Red Bull driver moved into 2nd position.  This really was a controlled performance from Lewis, and he covered off any attempt by Red Bull to put his strategy under pressure."

Sporting war

Hakkinen believes the title fight is so exciting that he calls it a war in which every member of the teams is closely involved: "In my view, we are seeing a sporting war between Mercedes and Red Bull."

"It's a fight between Lewis and Max, team bosses Toto Wolff and Christian Horner and the 2,000 people who work for them. We have already seen some tense moments and I know we will see some more."

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