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Brawn: It’s the title race that keeps on giving

Brawn: "It’s the title race that keeps on giving"

23-11-2021 12:19 Last update: 15:03


Lewis Hamilton defeated Max Verstappen in Qatar, bringing the title fight even closer with two races to go. Ross Brawn believes it was a well-deserved victory for the Brit and is relishing the title fight.

Hamilton clear

Hamilton is on Verstappen's heels. The difference between the two drivers is eight points now that there is still a maximum of 52 points to be gained. In his column on F1.com Brawn starts: "It was a beautiful weekend for Lewis. He dialled into the track very quickly and delivered the kind of accomplished performance in qualifying that we have come to expect."

During the race, Hamilton continued this and didn't make a single mistake. According to Brawn, it made the battle even more balanced than before.

"What’s great about this championship is we have this ebb and flow," continued the F1 chief. "We had a period where you thought Red Bull were going to run away with it and then Mercedes came back."

Verstappen did damage control

Brawn also believes Verstappen did nothing wrong during the race and did maximum damage control. The Briton considers what would have happened if Verstappen had not received a grid penalty.

I had the feeling Lewis had this under control, but who knows? With the start Max made, had that come from the front row of the grid rather than further back, we could have seen a closer contest."

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