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'Wolff is more into the matter than Horner, Christian has no clue'

'Wolff is more into the matter than Horner, Christian has no clue'

23-11-2021 11:15 Last update: 11:42

Christijan Albers argues that Christian Horner is not handling the current situation in the premier class of motorsport as well as Toto Wolff. The former Formula 1 driver also accuses the Red Bull team boss of not knowing enough when it comes to the technical part of the sport.

"That one was kind of fun, wasn't it? I liked them together", Albers laughs in the podcast of The Telegraph Albers laughs in the podcast after the Grand Prix of Qatar about the press conference between Horner and Wolff. Back and forth the necessary reproaches were made. "I'm not a Toto fan, I'm not a Horner fan. But I do think Toto handles it better I must tell you, more professional."

Criticism of Horner

Apart from Wolff's outburst at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the 42-year-old Dutchman believes that the Mercedes team boss is currently doing a better job."Yes, but maybe that was also a bit of emotion coming out, I don't think that's a big deal," he says of what happened two weeks ago. Journalist Erik van Haren then states that it also seems like Horner's comments were all scripted in advance. "That too, and Toto really asks his engineers how and what. He's more into the matter than Horner, Horner doesn't have a clue."

According to Albers, Horner is not well enough versed in the technical field. "Yes, the issue is that he doesn't delve into the matter. You see that Horner doesn't ask his engineers any more questions when it comes to technique", he concludes his story with a pointing finger.

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