Wolff is surprised that Mercedes is still in the race for the world title

23-11-2021 08:54 | Updated: 23-11-2021 11:15
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Wolff is surprised that Mercedes is still in the race for the world title

Toto Wolff is surprised that his team can still compete for the world title. According to the Austrian, his team was far behind and nobody expected them to be in contention for the title at this stage of the season.

Surprise for Mercedes

Mercedes has already won seven world titles in a row and hopes to add an eighth this year. Wolff is not so sure about that. In conversation with Österreich, he says he is surprised his team is still in the fight for the world title.

''We have pace in the car, we were really quick last weekend. That's the really good news, and we have to keep it now. We have the spirit, fight to the last. Hardly anyone would have expected a few races ago that we would be able to keep it open for that long. Everything that comes now is a bonus. And we try to enjoy every minute'', says the Mercedes team boss.

Wolff no need to go to the cinema

Lewis Hamilton is also doing very well under this pressure, according to Wolff. ''Very easy. We are at the back and were much further back. If we still win that, it would be incredible. And if we lose, then the others deserved to win. Then we look to next year.''

That it is exciting in the battle for the world title becomes clear when Christian Horner and Toto Wolff verbally confront each other. Horner said earlier that he didn't have to kiss Wolff's arse, but Wolff is in no mood to respond. ''Not at all. I have to turn off the cinema very quickly,'' said Wolff, who seems to be pointing out his colleague's theatrical behaviour.

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