Wolff confident: "In Saudi Arabia we pull the pin out of the grenade"

21-11-2021 19:15 | Updated: 21-11-2021 22:52
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Wolff confident: In Saudi Arabia we pull the pin out of the grenade

Mercedes triumphed in Qatar for the second time in a row, but according to Red Bull Racing did so with a questionable rear wing. Red Bull's suspicions seem to have been confirmed by the FIA, who will be carrying out new tests for the remaining races. Toto Wolff, however, is brimming with confidence after Lewis Hamilton's latest win and assures everyone that Mercedes' best is yet to come.

The German branch of Sky Sports dares to ask Wolff which wing Mercedes will take to Saudi Arabia. There is a silence, and after some thought Wolff says: "A small one. Maybe we won't put a rear wing on it at all", jokes the Austrian.

Mercedes brings 'grenade' to Saudi Arabia

Ralf Schumacher also asks about Hamilton's new engine, which he says should be somewhat worn out after the Brazilian Grand Prix. Wolff gloats about the fact that Mercedes did not use that engine in Qatar, so the best is yet to come. "No, in Saudi Arabia we are pulling the pin out of the grenade. There and in Abu Dhabi we need that fire too", he says, grinning.

Wolff believes the title fight between Hamilton and Max Verstappen will come down to the final race in Abu Dhabi. "If they both cross the finish line in Saudi Arabia, the winner of Abu Dhabi will also win the championship", the Mercedes team boss concludes.

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