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Verstappen responds: I think it has been explained pretty clearly

Verstappen responds: I think it has been explained pretty clearly"

20-11-2021 16:46


The FIA has decided that the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Brazil does not need to be re-evaluated. The Dutchman forced Hamilton wide when he tried to overtake, but the FIA ​​sees no reason to look at the case again. Verstappen reacts to the statements of his title rival.

According to Hamilton the rules are unclear and inconsistent. The Brit earlier explained how he might be more aggressive now after the stewards' decision. Verstappen insisted he will just continue to focus on himself.

"I just focus on myself. I think it has been explained pretty clearly how the rules are, but for some it might be harder to accept. Of course, every driver has his own opinion on how to attack and defend. Mercedes is the team that wanted that revision, so it is logical that they say that," Verstappen said as quoted on De Telegraaf .

Hamilton's engine is fresher

Verstappen has already said he was unhappy with P2 in qualifying, as the gap to Hamilton was half a second. Red Bull will have to investigate where the speed difference lies.

"We have to start looking at the details, what is going on. For me, it's difficult to say anything right now. I haven't seen the new footage yet, but we have footage from the last races. Lewis is using a fresher engine, they will use it more aggressively. Only that engine is not four tenths of a second though," finished the Dutchman.

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