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Wolff laughs: There is no such wing as Red Bull are talking about.

Wolff laughs: "There is no such wing as Red Bull are talking about".

20-11-2021 12:53 Last update: 12:55


Since the Brazilian race the talks between the FIA, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes have mainly been about rear wings. The FIA has decided to tighten the regulations after Red Bull's complaints about Mercedes, as reported by Auto, Motor und Sport.

Mercedes are suddenly very fast on the straights and so the Milton Keynes-based team are scrambling to find evidence to explain it. Red Bull therefore suspects that they are using a flexible and bendable rear wing, allowing it to bend further than is actually allowed. They are ready to lodge a protest if the same rear wing continues to be used.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is not worried at all, as he says everything they do is according to the regulations. "I mean, we have been inspected fourteen times already this season. The FIA has all the drawings of it. That wing that Red Bull are talking about doesn't exist. We're happy to send it in. You can take it apart. I'd be happy to send one to Milton Keynes as well."

FIA listens to Red Bull Racing

Apparently, the talks between Red Bull Racing and the race committee did lead to change. The regulations on the rear wings need to be expanded and modified according to the FIA. A special test, which we will already see in Saudi Arabia, should take away Red Bull's concerns. This test will prevent the rear wing from bending too far.

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