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Horner admits: 'Mercedes have set the bar incredibly high'

Horner admits: 'Mercedes have set the bar incredibly high'

20-11-2021 10:30 Last update: 12:21


The Formula One season has three races to go, which means that the title battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes will soon have its conclusion. Christian Horner stressed at the FIA ​​press conference that he would do anything to give Max Verstappen the world title.

For years it seemed impossible for the Austrian team to get close to Mercedes, but this season they have finally managed to compete for the world title. Verstappen even has fourteen points more than his competitor, although he still has three difficult races ahead of him.

Horner is proud of his team. "As a team we have fought incredibly hard to get into this position," he said. "Max having won nine grands prix this year and the team having won 10 grands prix, is a position that we have strived for during the difficult years and we have never given up."

Horner continues to fight to the end

Nor does the team boss intend to do so. "We've kept fighting, we've kept pushing, we've kept believing and Mercedes, make no bones about it, have set the bar incredibly high but it's great that we are in this position, we're enjoying being in this position and rest assured we will give it everything that we have between now and the end of the year."

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