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Strongly divided opinions over Verstappen: 'FIA wants a new champion'
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Strongly divided opinions over Verstappen: 'FIA wants a new champion'

19-11-2021 17:25 Last update: 17:57


We had to wait for a while, but the stewards have decided: the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton doesn't need further investigation. The opinions about the decision, as well as the decision made during the Brazilian Grand Prix, are strongly divided. Some think it sets a negative precedent for the future, while others think the opposite.

According to some, it was the only right decision. Many agree that there should've been a discussion about whether or not to penalise the action during the race, but feel that the decision should be taken during the race and not a week later.

Opinions strongly divided about incident Verstappen and Hamilton

Others think that not punishing the action sets a dangerous precedent. They fear that all drivers will change their approach from now on, with all possible consequences.

Some even go a step further and claim that the FIA is trying to 'secure a new world champion'. One thing is clear after all the controversy: the stewards' job is not an easy one and you have to be tough to take it on.

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