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Horner won't let go of Mercedes rear wing: The question is whether it's legal

Horner won't let go of Mercedes rear wing: "The question is whether it's legal"

19-11-2021 16:16


Christian Horner has no intention of letting go on the issue surrounding Mercedes' legal or illegal rear wing for the time being. According to the Red Bull team boss, Toto Wolff's team is making frantic efforts to win the championship, which he says is reflected in the team boss' behaviour.

The past week has been dominated by drama that mainly took place off-track between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. "They haven't had this in seven years and that is why Toto is getting twitchy and that is why he is swearing at the camera. That is why he is throwing a few F-bombs around. That is fantastic," Horner told Sky Sports of the fact that so much action is also taking place off the track.

He continued: "We got them under pressure and that is what the sport has been crying out for. Rather than criticising Max, you should be encouraging him."

Horner continues to challenge Mercedes

Horner has no intention of stopping the political games from being played back and forth. Red Bull remain suspicious of Mercedes' rear wing, which would provide the drivers with a huge advantage on the straights. "Since Hungary, there has been a step-change in straight-line speed and gradually getting higher and higher and that is for you to do the research," he said. "Look at the straight-line speed that Mercedes has been able to achieve in the last two races. 14km/h in Mexico they were quicker than us in a straight line. 27km/h faster than us in Brazil."

Whether he is suggesting by this that Mercedes is driving with an illegal rear wing, Horner does not immediately want to say. "In our view, they have come up with a clever solution for their rear wing. The question is whether it is legal and it is up to the FIA to check that. They have a limited number of resources to do that," he continued.

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