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Verstappen reacts to FP2 in Qatar: Lots to understand

Verstappen reacts to FP2 in Qatar: "Lots to understand"

19-11-2021 15:57


Max Verstappen finished third in the second free practice session for the Qatar Grand Prix. His rival Lewis Hamilton finished behind him on P4. During the session, the Dutchman had problems with the DRS on his rear wing.

"It was the first time of course in the evening. So, it was important to understand how the car would react. Quite a bit of a change between the medium and the soft tyres for me. That is why I wasn't amazing on the soft tyre," the Dutchman responded after the session in a conversation with Sky Sports. 

Track still too new

"So, again the first time here so a lot for us to understand. A lot of fun to drive," Verstappen continued. Verstappen knows it can still go either way this weekend, as the track is new to everyone.

"It's difficult to say for the race. It's difficult to follow but over one lap, it is going to be good," he finishes.

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