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Persistent DRS problem at Red Bull solved according to Horner

Persistent DRS problem at Red Bull solved according to Horner

19-11-2021 14:49 Last update: 17:48

There was a lot of talk about Mercedes' rear wing in Brazil, particularly the DRS part which was declared illegal by the FIA. Red Bull Racing had a problem with the same part at the same time, albeit of a different nature. The problem was still present in Qatar, but according to team boss Christian Horner revealed it was fixed during the second free practice.

A clattering DRS flap was seen on the Red Bull cars in Brazil and the same problem was seen again in the first session in Qatar. According to Auto, Motor und Sport, the problem is caused by too much pressure on the DRS release mechanism when the wing opens.

Horner confirms DRS problem solved

The problem was fixed by Red Bull in Brazil, but seems to have returned in Qatar. Team boss Christian Horner confirmed to the German arm of Sky Sports that the problem was fixed during the second free practice, but must now hope it doesn't reappear.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff was unhappy that Red Bull were given the chance to repair the rear wing, while Mercedes were disqualified for doing so. According to safety regulations this is allowed as long as the part complies with the rules.

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