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Button disappointed with stewards: It's a shame they didn't deal with it

Button disappointed with stewards: "It's a shame they didn't deal with it"

19-11-2021 10:24


Ahead of the first free practice in Qatar, nothing is yet clear about Mercedes' 'Right to Review'. Will Max Verstappen get another penalty for his incident with Lewis Hamilton in Brazil? It is a question that also occupies the reporters of Sky Sports.

The stewards' decision

The Qatar Grand Prix weekend is about to begin, but the stewards still haven't made a decision in Verstappen's case. In Sky Sports' preview, Martin Brundle and Jenson Button talk about the current state of affairs.

"Lewis was faster it was only a matter of time when he was going to get through. Max has faded off the brakes which is fair enough, he's got to defend. I don't think the new footage tells us anything we didn't know," said Brundle.

Verstappen didn't do it on purpose

"Max barely turned the steering wheel on the way in. You could see that on the off-board because funnily enough, the front wheels are connected to the steering wheel. It was clear he was slow and lazy on turn in, what he never did was turn right and run into Lewis," he added. 

Button agrees with his colleague and is particularly annoyed that it is still being discussed in Qatar. "It's a shame they didn't deal with it at the track, because we shouldn't be discussing this here," the 2009 world champion concludes.

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