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Verstappen changes his routine in Qatar

Verstappen changes his routine in Qatar

18-11-2021 09:40 Last update: 11:36


For many drivers it is a fixed part of the Thursday before a Grand Prix:the track walk. A lap around the track, walking or on a bike. Often accompanied by a race engineer the drivers look at every corner and kerb.

For the first time in Qatar

Max Verstappen is not the driver to do a track walk. The Dutchman has a very strong memory and hardly ever needs a walk around the track to get to know it again. Yet in Qatar, Verstappen did do a track walk. Not surprisingly, because Formula 1 - and Verstappen as well - have never been active on the circuit of this Middle Eastern state before.

Accompanied by his father Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen did his lap. The last time he did such a lap on a circuit was at Zandvoort, which was also new on the calendar at the time. Verstappen won this race, so this might be a good omen for all the fans of the leader in the World Cup standings.

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