McLaren already feels the pinch: "We have to face reality"

17-11-2021 20:20 | Updated: 17-11-2021 20:44
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McLaren already feels the pinch: We have to face reality

McLaren was third in the Constructors' Championship for a long time, but after the fifth and sixth places of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in Brazil, the British team has lost that third place. McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl admits he is not satisfied with the recent results.

McLaren had a reasonable lead after the Russian Grand Prix, but since then Ferrari have gained 49 points. The Italian team is now third with 287.5 points and a 31.5 point lead. The Woking-based team is failing to score the points that are on the table for them, but Seidl hopes they can still score in the coming races.

"Clearly, we have to face the reality. If everything goes well for Ferrari now, at the end of season, it'll be difficult. But at the same time, as long as it's theoretically possible, and I've seen several times this year and last year what can happen on a race weekend, we will try to hang in there," the McLaren team boss told

Team has made a big step forward

Third place in the Constructors' Championship is very important for both teams because it means you get more money. Still, that is not the most important thing according to the German, as he is very happy with the progress McLaren has made.

"And the most important thing is again, that we clearly made a next big step forward as a team this year, in terms of the car. We look at the average point scoring this year, it went up quite a bit. The lap time deficit compared to Red Bull and Mercedes was again, quite a bit smaller compared to last year."

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