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Hamilton's 'rocket engine' sinks power: 'Still questions about reliability'

Hamilton's 'rocket engine' sinks power: 'Still questions about reliability'

17-11-2021 10:09


Lewis Hamilton had a lot of power in Brazil thanks to his new engine. However, Toto Wolff is sure that this engine will lose the lead in the coming races.

It was a shock to many in Formula 1 how fast Hamilton was on the straight. Despite a disqualification and a grid penalty of five places he drove to victory. He went like a knife through butter, although overtaking at Interlagos is normally not that easy.

Decrease in performance for Mercedes

The difference was in Mercedes' new engine, but Wolff doesn't think they can enjoy so much power for long. ''There is a performance drop-off with any engine. It means that, even though we'll be racing with the engine until the end of the season, we'll certainly lose performance,'' the Mercedes team boss said at Autosport.com.

However, that doesn't mean Mercedes will stunt again with a new engine. ''We are going to the end of the season now with this engine. We still have questions over reliability, but we hope we have had the right answers, and we’re going to the end,'' the Austrian concluded.

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