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Timetable | Evening sessions in Qatar ensure normal times in Europe

Timetable | Evening sessions in Qatar ensure normal times in Europe

16-11-2021 08:00 Last update: 08:58


The Qatar Grand Prix is the third race in the triple-header after Mexico and Brazil. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have each won a race, but who will take the third race? Find out what time to switch on for the sessions at the Losail International Circuit here.

After a weekend with a sprint race, we return to a 'normal' race weekend in Qatar. This means we have another first and second free practice on Friday, with a third free practice on Saturday. The third free practice session will be followed by qualifying and the race on Sunday.

Evening race in Qatar

In Qatar, the race will be held a little later in the day, as we are used to from other races in the Middle East. The race will be held partly under artificial light. The race will be held between 17:00 and 19:00 local time. Qualifying will also start at 17:00hrs on Saturday, as will the second free practice.

For the European viewer, this means that the times will return to normal. In Qatar, it is three hours later than in the UK, so the race will be held at 2pm. The first session of the weekend, FP1, starts at 10:30am on Friday.

Timetable of the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix


First free practice: 10:30-11:30am

Second free practice: 2-3pm


Third free practice: 11am-12pm

Qualification: 2-3pm


Race: 2-4pm

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