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'Mercedes is now whining when those two drive off the track for a little bit'

'Mercedes is now whining when those two drive off the track for a little bit'

15-11-2021 18:32 Last update: 20:32


After the Brazilian Grand Prix there was a lot of discussion about the fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The two drivers both went off track in their duel for the first position after Verstappen forced the Brit to go wide. Many were surprised that the Dutchman did not receive a penalty for the incident.

In the new episode of RTL GP Slipstream Allard Kalf and Kees van de Grint discuss the situation with the stewards. The men agree that the championship is all about the fight between the two title rivals and not all the fuss around it.

After the incident, Mercedes' sporting director Ron Meadows complained to Michael Masi of the FIA that there were no consequences for Verstappen. Kalf knows Meadows from way back. "Meadows is now whining when those two drive a little bit next to the track, because they are fighting for the world title. Then I think Ron, get a grip", says Kalff. According to him Meadows used to be the complete opposite.

Fight between the two was great

Van de Grint agrees with Kalff. "It should have been the other way around. People should have applauded how these two fought each other to the millimetre and how one defended and the other attacked. In the end Hamilton wins that, great. Whether you are a fan of Hamilton or not, you should appreciate both. Then you shouldn't whine like that, next week they'll say something else. Wolff said it was ridiculous they didn't intervene, that is total nonsense."

Van de Grint is surprised though because according to him it is clear that not everyone within the FIA knows all the rules. "On the other hand, I think we should be happy that someone like Roberto Moreno, who maybe doesn't know the rules, is there. Without those guys Max might have been punished", Van de Grint says.

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