Dutch driver responds to Mercedes: 'A steering wheel has no play'

Dutch driver responds to Mercedes: 'A steering wheel has no play'

15-11-2021 16:58 Last update: 17:39

The video showing whether or not Lewis Hamilton's steering wheel moves forwards and backwards is keeping minds busy online. A new (illegal) DAS system? In a conversation with GPblog Mercedes called all suspicions 'conspiracy theories'. But what does Dakar Rally driver Tim Coronel think about the reasoning?

Backlash not possible

The driver, who competes in the Dakar Rally every year, says he first saw the video last Friday. "Robert Doornbos came with it," he responds, referring to the moment he saw Doornbos around and during the filming of the Dutch tv show Formula 1 Café at Ziggo Sport. "I'll tell you honestly that I didn't see it (the movement of the steering wheel)."

Mercedes cited optical trickery as one of the explanations for the video circulating on the internet, which allegedly shows the steering wheel moving forwards and backwards. A spokesman for the team also said that there might have been some play in the steering column. According to Mercedes, this can happen as the material gets older. To the latter, Coronel responds wittily. "A steering wheel is fixed or not fixed. A steering wheel can't have any play. "

No protest

Tim Coronel, who is a twin brother of World Touring Car Championship driver Tom Coronel, doesn't believe Mercedes did anything improper. "When you're fighting for the championship, you don't do illegal things. And if there had been something, there really would have been a protest from Red Bull," said Tim Coronel.

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