Hamilton reacts to turn four drama: "It's a racing incident"

14-11-2021 19:13
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Hamilton reacts to turn four drama: It's a racing incident

Lewis Hamilton started sprint qualifying from 20th place and worked his way up to P5 before another five-place grid penalty was applied because of an engine change in his Mercedes car. Hamilton then advanced nine places in the race and beat Max Verstappen to cut his deficit down to 14 points in the World Championship. 

Three races remain

Hamilton was extremely pleased with his work in Brazil. In his 15 year Formula 1 career, the Brit can't remember another weekend where he faced as much adversity like this and fought back to win. 

"I don't remember another weekend like this. Maybe as I was saying when I got out of the car. The last time I remember something like this was the first race in Formula 3 in Bahrain.. McLaren ripped up my contract and I remember I was racing for my life that weekend. I damaged the floor that weekend and started last. There was a pre-final and final. I think I came from 22nd to 10th and 10th to first... my dad told me the other day. So, I just brush it off and move forward," Hamilton said in an interview with Sky Sports

"I definitely didn't think that I would win but that was my goal. Quite overwhelming to be honest. I feel great in my body and great mentality. With the DSQ from qualifying that was devastating for everyone but the mechanics and engineers stayed focussed and crew back at the factory."

On lap 48, the two title rivals nearly crashed. Hamilton had the lead into the corner, but Verstappen pushed the seven-time World Champion wide. The incident was noted but the stewards decided no investigation was needed. After a lot of criticism towards the FIA from Mercedes all weekend following his DSQ in qualifying, Hamilton said he knew what would happen. 

"I knew when they said they will investigate it and I just knew that was the decision that they would come to whether it was right or wrong. So, I don't know. It didn't phase me. I am not going to get into that. It's a racing incident. Doesn't really matter we got the result we needed," Hamilton said. 

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