"The FIA need to police this better"

14-11-2021 19:02
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The FIA need to police this better

In the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, the two title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen nearly crashed again. Both Hamilton and Verstappen went at each other through much of the event, with Hamilton eventually winning the duel. But things could've ended very differently. 

On lap 48, Hamilton had a strong slipstream going into turn four. He got ahead of Verstappen going into the corner but the Dutchman had the inside line and braked later. The two went extremely wide off the circuit and this leads to a debate on Sky Sports

Strong Debate

Jonny Herbert, who himself as been a steward at previous Grands Prix, put his racing helmet on. The former British F1 driver would've expected a penalty if he was Verstappen. "Putting my racing driver helmet on. To me, Hamilton gets in front and the job is done. Now he brakes late and Max runs himself so far off the circuit. If I was in the cockpit, I'd thought I'd get a penalty for this," Herbert said. 

Paul Di Resta also expected the FIA to do something. Instead, the FIA noted the incident and then proceeded to say that no investigation was needed. Di Resta fires criticism at this. 

"I would've expected the FIA to at least say swap position back because Lewis was in front slightly. The feat is if they don't get on top of that, that seems to be the norm now. Drivers will pick that up and other teams will pick that up. It's the FIA that need to police this better," the former F1 driver said. 

"I don't like criticising the FIA. Mercedes have been harsh on the FIA with the wing decision. It failed the test but they were insinuating everything was against them. I don't think that's the case. This should be balanced very fair. I like how the Red Bull guys congratulated Mercedes. The Mercedes wing is passing the test, so it's up to Red Bull to come up with the same solution."

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