Mazepin explains: 'No one was kicked out of the club'

Mazepin explains: 'No one was kicked out of the club'

12-11-2021 12:32 Last update: 14:56

Nikita Mazepin is more often in the news negatively than positively, although that also has something to do with the fact that the Haas F1-powered car is not competitive in 2021. After the Mexican GP, it was suggested that Mazepin had been expelled from a club, but he denies this.

In a video circulating around the internet, Mazepin appears to shove a bodyguard. Afterwards, he would have had to leave the party by order of the organisers, but this is not true according to Mazepin himself. "I was not kicked out of the disco. The situation is much simpler than that. Nobody was kicked out: I was irritated because one of the team members was not let in with us, so I moved to clarify the situation."

Steiner also has a word to say

The 22-year-old driver didn't want to say much more about it, according to the Italian branch of Guenther Steiner, the team boss, was also asked about the situation concerning his pupil."What you see is the result of a discussion. I haven't spoken to Nikita yet because I haven't had a chance to see him, but I think it all came about because the guys wanted to move to an area where that wasn't possible."

The Haas F1 chief is fed up with the fact that everything gets reported in the media these days. Formula 1 drivers can hardly do anything anymore without the rest of the world looking on. "Anything you do in a club or any place accessible to the public can be filmed and broadcast immediately," he sighs.

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