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Mercedes must give everything: 'Small mistake will cost you against Red Bull'

Mercedes must give everything: 'Small mistake will cost you against Red Bull'

12-11-2021 10:17 Last update: 11:02


Mercedes will have to step up their game in the last four races to beat Red Bull Racing. A poor race by Valtteri Bottas in Mexico and Red Bull's double podium have left the gap in the constructors' championship very small. According to Paul Di Resta, Mercedes is definitely a team that can turn the situation around.

"You kinda get the feeling that both Toto and Lewis felt that Valtteri let them down by not getting his elbows out a bit more heading down into turn one. Of course, he did the job on Saturday afternoon, but you need to be there fighting until the end of the Grand Prix", Di Resta says on Sky Sports. Max Verstappen got into the lead easily after Bottas opened the door for him.

"It will play a big part, absolutely, how they share the workload throughout the weekend if one team’s off. It’s just nice to see them all out there and just a straightforward fight all the way till the end of the championship, because there’s still many bumps and paths that are going to determine the outcome."

Mercedes must give everything

At the moment Mercedes are leading by just one point in the constructors' championship. "If there is a team that can turn it around, it’s Mercedes. Toto is very passionate about how he goes about it. You sometimes see that in his body language and how he comes across. Like he said, I think the pressure is slightly off in the sense that they won so many back to back titles", Di Resta believes.

"When you’re up against another team with the likes of Red Bull, one small mistake is going to cost yo. But they’re going to throw everything they can, and I think this weekend they have to throw literally everything at this, because this is a changing point in the championship. I think last time out, Max was able to capitalize and get the job done on the Sunday", the Sky Sports analyst finishes.

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