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Lammers: It is remarkable to see how well prepared he is

Lammers: "It is remarkable to see how well prepared he is"

08-11-2021 20:59


Max Verstappen started from P3 after a disappointing Saturday in Mexico. In the first corner the Red Bull Racing driver won the race by overtaking both Mercedes cars. Jan Lammers is amazed by the preparation of the Dutchman.

Verstappen won Mexico in the first corner

After turn one, his pursuers did not see Verstappen again. Teammate Sergio Perez drove several laps in the lead during the pit stop moments of Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, but it was Verstappen's race.

That the Limburger pulled the race to himself in that first corner after that long straight was only possible because of Verstappen's remarkable preparation, according to Lammers. The F1 connoisseur says at the NOS Formula 1 Podcast the following about the start:

"It will definitely be close to one of his best starts ever. It was a very important start. What I really find so remarkable is how well-prepared he is. He just knows where to brake. It makes me wonder, 'Did he let those sim racers figure it out?'

Verstappen leaves nothing to chance

Lammers' analysis shows that Verstappen is extremely well-prepared. The driver leaves nothing to chance. Lammers continued: "Either you come up the straight there on a lap at about 360 km/h, or you start at start/finish, and then you arrive at 320."

"Then you have to, estimate your speed, you ask yourself what your tyre temperature is at that moment. Then you don't have to brake at 80 metres, but you can brake at 50 or 60 metres, for example."

According to Lammers, you have to be able to fully rely on such good preparation: "It looked like he was doing it very risky - he was on the edge, but it was just real preparation."

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