"Imagine the atmosphere in that stadium when Perez is in a good position"

02-11-2021 11:45 | Updated: 02-11-2021 12:03
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Imagine the atmosphere in that stadium when Perez is in a good position

The title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull Racing and Mercedes has reached the point where team orders could potentially play a role in a race. Marc Priestley wonders what Sergio Perez could do for Verstappen's title

Perez the hero of Mexico

Perez will race for Red Bull Racing for the first time during his home race. It is the first time the Mexican will race in a car that can win in front of his home crowd. Given the great atmosphere at the Mexican GP, it could be a big party.

While it would be nice for Perez, Red Bull have a title fight to consider. Priestley discusses the upcoming race during a live video at YouTube and discusses the decisions that may need to be made.

Perez knows his role

The strategic decision Red Bull may have to make depends partly on Verstappen, Priestley believes: "It would be foolish of Red Bull to trade a race for Verstappen's title for a good result from the country's hero."

"I think Perez would understand that. He wouldn't like it, but his teammate has a chance to win a world title. That is huge for him [Verstappen, ed.] and the team. Checo knows his role within the team."

Finally, Priestley plays with the thought of a race in which Verstappen drops out: "Imagine the atmosphere in that stadium if Checo is in a good position in this Grand Prix."

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