F1 Global survey results: 'Audience is younger and more diverse'

01-11-2021 13:49 | Updated: 01-11-2021 17:22
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F1 Global survey results: 'Audience is younger and more diverse'

The results of the F1 Global Survey were announced prior to the United States Grand Prix. The survey shows that the Formula 1 audience is becoming younger and more diverse and Formula 1 CEO and Chairman Stefano Domenicali is delighted with that.

The survey was completed by 167,000 fans from 187 different countries. The average age of the fans dropped from 36 to 32 in four years time, and there was a doubling of the number of women who completed the survey.

"I think diversity and getting younger audiences will enable us to enrich, in terms of being able to capture the attention of more people. That’s really something that we’ve seen [happen with] the effect of having the right language, the right narrative and the right tools that are closer to the way the younger generation are working and behaving. That’s really something that we’re going to push even harder in that respect," the Italian tells Autosport.

Results taken into consideration

The results of the survey will certainly have an influence on the future of Formula 1. Domenicali has indicated that they will be looking at how to make the Grand Prixs even better for fans of different ages.

"This is something we are going to take into consideration. We have big plans for the future. We have great plans to the future. Hopefully COVID will be behind us soon so we can really live the excitement physically live at the track. But it’s good to see that the vibes and the feeling we are having are confirmed by this research."

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