Ferrari and McLaren not worried about Mercedes 'trick'

01-11-2021 09:59 | Updated: 01-11-2021 13:03
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Ferrari and McLaren not worried about Mercedes 'trick'

McLaren and Ferrari are not worried about Mercedes' rear suspension. FIA investigated it after Red Bull Racing questioned how the Germans were suddenly so much faster on the straights, but the other competitors are not concerned.

Since the Russian Grand Prix, Mercedes have suddenly been very fast on the straights and that worried Red Bull. Had Mercedes suddenly found some speed with an update or was this an illegal move by the team? Ferrari and McLaren however don't care at all.

McLaren and Ferrari not worried at all

''Honestly I'm not too interested in this discussion. II'm not really following them, I heard about it. I do not see anything wrong or illegal in that. I mean I'm even not somehow surprised the way the car behaves,'' said Mattia Binotto according to Andreas Seidl does not get involved in the discussion either.

''We didn't spend any energy yet on on this topic. We have enough to do just focusing on ourselves and executing a good race weekend. So let's chat a bit about it again in a week's time, once we have looked into this as a team. And if there's actually something behind it or it is just a ghost which is going through the paddock at the moment,'' the McLaren team boss concludes.

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