Seidl praises rival: "Very clever to let Norris pass there"

28-10-2021 16:41 | Updated: 28-10-2021 16:46
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Seidl praises rival: Very clever to let Norris pass there

The United States Grand Prix was an exciting Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen show. Only a few other drivers contributed to the entertainment. McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl praises rival Carlos Sainz for his actions on the first and second lap.

McLaren against Ferrari

The first lap saw a fierce battle between Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. The Spaniard took on the two McLarens in his Ferrari on the soft tyres. The Spaniard lost to the two when he braked in turn twelve.

According to the McLaren team boss, it was a very smart move by Sainz to get back ahead of Norris' McLaren at a specific point. It was obviously not an outlined plan by Sainz, but nevertheless, Seidl says to "From our point of view, it was clear that Carlos suddenly got Lando back because he went off the track, so that's why we clearly expected that he had to give the position back which he then had to do later on,"

Sainz did it smart

"But unfortunately, he did it in a clever way", continued Seidl. "So that he could actually overtake Lando back straight away on the next straight, so we couldn't benefit from that."

The team says they are in talks to avoid such situations in the future. It may have been a crucial move in the race, as Sainz eventually finished ahead of Norris. Seidl remains sporting though: "I would say as long as the rules are what they are I have to say hat off to Carlos, he did it in a clever way."

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