Verstappen faked Mercedes: "Two laps earlier and it was a completely different race".

28-10-2021 13:21 | Updated: 28-10-2021 13:27
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Verstappen faked Mercedes: Two laps earlier and it was a completely different race.

Max Verstappen's excellent execution of the Red Bull Racing strategy has already been discussed at length. Not only the early stop was crucial, but also the way Verstappen fooled Mercedes. Mercedes chief James Vowles looks back.

Mercedes well prepared

In the Mercedes debrief on YouTube chief strategist of Mercedes, Vowles, discusses the exciting duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Briton discusses the decisions that were made at the pit wall.

Vowles focuses on the final stint and explains Mercedes' consideration: "One part we do have control over is the degradation of our tyres and when to stop. A second part we have no insight into is Verstappen's degradation and where he falls of the tyre curve."

Verstappen stretches stint and fools Mercedes

Vowles admits that Verstappen bypassed Mercedes' calculations. The Dutchman managed to keep his tyres good until the very end of the race. Vowles: "It was predicted that Verstappen would fall off the tyre curve. He did, it just happened on the last lap of the race."

"If it had happened a lap or two earlier, it would have been a very different race. They managed that last stint and saved the tyres in the corners, so they had enough left for the last few laps."

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