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Yamamoto: 'I personally think Honda will return to Formula 1'

Yamamoto: 'I personally think Honda will return to Formula 1'

28-10-2021 12:50 Last update: 13:27


The end of this season marks the end of seven years of Honda in Formula 1 with McLaren, Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso/AlphaTauri. However, it was not Honda's first period in Formula 1 and if we are to believe Honda chief Masashi Yamamoto it might not be the last either.

Commitment Honda pays off

After a difficult start with McLaren from 2015, Honda is seriously competing for the world title with Red Bull Racing this season. Max Verstappen is in the lead with five races to go and among the constructors Red Bull Racing is second. "That this is possible in our last year is great. It shows that our efforts are paying off", Yamamoto said in an interview with Formule1.nl.

Especially the bond with Verstappen has become very strong in recent years. "He is very special. The fans love him and there are also many Max fans in Japan. The relationship with Max is very good." Honda has achieved a total of 15 victories in Formula One over the past few years. Fourteen with Red Bull Racing, one with AlphaTauri. Verstappen won a total of thirteen times with the Honda engine.

Honda back in Formula 1?

Red Bull will take over the engines in 2022 and Honda will disappear from Formula 1. "That will indeed feel a bit crazy, our engine without our logo". Honda will then no longer have a visible presence, but will still provide technical support to Red Bull. "From Honda's point of view, the end of this year is the end of the project. 2022 is a transition period for Red Bull, although there will be people from Honda staying on to help. The easiest way to explain it is that everyone from management, like me, and the marketing department will be gone, haha!"

Despite this, Yamamoto doesn't think Honda's farewell in Formula One will be final. "I personally do think Honda will return to Formula One. The situation right now is that Honda needs to focus on becoming carbon neutral and wants to accelerate that project. If that goes well, I think there are definitely people within the company who want to get back into Formula One."

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