Red Bull landed a big punch: “This is how you become world champion"

27-10-2021 17:26 | Updated: 27-10-2021 20:18
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Red Bull landed a big punch: “This is how you become world champion

During the United States Grand Prix there was a clear fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Verstappen managed to win the race and according to RTL expert Felix Görner, the way he and Red Bull Racing did it in Austin is exactly how you become world champion.

Verstappen now leads the championship by 12 points and it looks like Red Bull Racing can only extend that lead in the coming weeks. Amongst other things, the race in Mexico could well be a Grand Prix where the Milton Keynes-based team will do well. There is no doubt about it according to Görner looking at their great performance in Austin.

"That's how you become world champion. It was really a duel like you see in a beautiful western. [Verstappen's victory] was definitely a stab in the heart for Mercedes because in Austin Mercedes and Hamilton have actually been unbeatable in recent years. It will work out for [Red Bull] because in Mexico they will be dominant and moreover Sergio Perez will give everything as a wingman for Max Verstappen," said Felix Görner in his column at RTL News.

Many fans again in Mexico

Görner also expects there to be a lot of fans again, which will only serve to boost Perez's performance. "We have already seen the enthusiasm. Mexico will also be a spectator magnet, so Perez and Red Bull will also blow everyone away here."

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